Stop Abuse, Stop Bullying, Start loving

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We can choose our careers, we can choose our religions, we can choose our friends. But who we are is who we are.  Our souls and bodies were born a certain way. Gay, straight, dark, light, introvert, extrovert.  But we all have hearts and these can be extremely tough when they need to be, but life is hard enough without abuse.

We need to learn to love each other and accept that our differences are what make us special and unique. Stop abuse, abuse is not just physical, it’s mental and emotional. Stop bullying.  Teach your children to report it, whether they are bullied or see someone bullied. Adults; BE THE ADULT, and step in and stop it.

And to those who think “if you are bullied, do x, y, or zBULL SH*T. No, be an adult and step in. A child who “uses their words” will only get bullied more. A child who “loves the bully” will likely find more bullying. A child who “turns the other cheek” finds that years later all that burying comes up in dramatic and sometimes scary ways.

Yes, loving the bully might actually work, but the bully needs love from an adult figure. Yet, this cycle of bullying is continued with adults. Why am I done with jobs? Because of bullies. To look out my window at home and see my boss drive by. To have my bosses SCREAM at me on the main floor. To have bosses lecture me about my being stupid, and being set up to fail, that is bullying.

Here’s the bottom line. Stop hating. Start loving.

Let me repeat the most important part. LOVE.




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