This Design is FUN

So happy my store is moving and hope this design or the one with Luna which has not yet been featured, is the first sale!

Amplify’d from

When you go into almost any restaurant or any business you will find a sign that says “All employees must wash hands.” Now while this little raccoon was not actually working at the park in Queen Wilhemina outside of Mena, Arkansas, but he does believe in clean hands so he is washing his paws.

Unfortunately he was at the injured animals park, but he was going to be released soon. If you have never been to Queen Wilhelmina you really should see the “Castle in the Clouds.” It is well worth the drive if you are a few hours away.

Now another thing about this fun design. This design is one of my oldest. Created in 2005, it has been the second most popular design at my old store. I hope it becomes quite popular here in the new store as well.  Plus side, with Zazzle you can easily choose shirts in a wide variety of colors and styles.  There are lots other great products you can get as well.  Mugs, aprons, bags and much more are available in your favorite colors.





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