Build Relationships, Build Business!

No matter your business, (even if you have a job!!) when you build relationships, you build business.

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Make a Living by Giving

Receiving cards is still a very meaningful event.  Opening a card is like opening a gift and when special pictures are included, it is even more!

Can sending cards be easy?

Now the amazing thing about the system, is that you can send a card as easy as an email. And as you can see from the image at the left, this is a real card with a real envelope.  His address and mine are blurred but you can see the addresses are included and a real stamp at the top.

He wrote this card, added in pictures to make it personal.  With people in his contact manager he pulls up their name, and the system takes it from there.  The system prints the card, pictures included.  It puts his address and mine on the back of the card, should the card become separated from the envelope.  Then prints the envelope with both addresses and sticks a real stamp on the card.

Visit Real Cards Real Simple and I will walk you through the sample process or visit Heartfelt Express and you can do a sample with Jon!

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