Assembling a Comfortaire

My old mattress got so bad, I was no longer sleeping at night. So I got a camp mattress.  It lasted a few months.  This is the camp mattress and the new Comfortaire (from my parents) as I built it.

Dad came over the day before to cut plywood to top the boxsprings and be a foundation.  Then I topped the boxsprings & plywood with an old quilt and a fitted sheet to make a hard base.

A few people asked what it took to put it together.  It would have gone a bit faster if I hadn’t cut off part of my thumb the day before.  But Mom helped me tighten things up and then zip the layers together.  It’s hard to  do those things when it feels like someone shot off fireworks in your head when something touches your thumb.

Here is the pad I got, it’s soft and makes the bed super snuggly.
Pinzon Ultra Soft Microplush Mattress Pad


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