Have you ever hurt yourself? Yes. Yes, I have.

Filling out a form that asks if I’ve ever been injured and not sought medical attention.  Well, I decided to document a few that I remembered I took pictures of…

This means there were others that I didn’t take any pictures of… like the cat scratch across my chest, my belly, my shoulder, the thorn in my head, the thorns in my arm.  And I don’t have any pictures on my computer prior to 2010.  This doesn’t count that I don’t go a week without a bruise or scratch of some sort… so I really have no idea how many incidents happen in reality…

Yet, I don’t go to the doctor.

Yesterday, cut my finger open on the spring underneath the chair I’m re-upholstering

Last month, using a mandolin, the apple I was slicing decided to stop, my hand did not…

Last year, stepped on a ball and smacked my person into a wall

No idea, but I’ve had 2 more blood blisters since then. One on the tip of my finger.

Year before on a jetski

And another on an ATV, skidded into dry shrubs

Another no idea, but it was a random rash

Allergic reaction to a shoe I was wearing.  It was mostly dried up by this point.


2 thoughts on “Have you ever hurt yourself? Yes. Yes, I have.

  1. Nah, it's a family trait. My family has mad skills, which is why I don't go to the hospital. My mom had a piece of gravel in her hand, closed a knife on her finger, and more. Plus side it happened less and less often as she aged, as it is to me.

    Combine that with a high pain tolerance, and I have mysterious bruises, cuts and gashes that I can only say “huh… guess I hurt myself…”

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