Blue Bell Creamery Tour

Chocolate Peanut Butter and Peppermint BarkThe Brenham Creamery Company opened in 1907 to purchase excess cream from local dairy farmers and sell butter to people in the Brenham, Texas area. In 1911, the creamery began to produce small quantities of ice cream.

By 1919, the creamery was in financial trouble and considered closing. They hired E.F. Kruse, a 23 year old former schoolteacher, on April 1, 1919. Kruse refused to accept a salary for his first few months in the position so that the company would not be placed in further debt. At his suggestion, the company was renamed Blue Bell Creameries in 1930 after the Texas Bluebell, a wildflower native to Texas, which, like ice cream, thrives in summer.

Blue Bell introduced its flagship flavor, Homemade Vanilla, in 1969 and was the first company to mass-produce the flavor Cookies ‘n Cream in 1978. It was labor intensive with someone having to open retail packages, but today Blue Bell bakes its own cookies.

Blue Bell produces over 250 different frozen products. Of these, 66 are flavors of ice cream. Twenty of the flavors are offered year-round, while an additional two to three dozen are offered seasonally. In addition to ice cream, the company produces frozen yogurt, sherbet, and an array of frozen treats on a stick.

Unlike competitors Blue Bell continues to sell true half-gallon (64 fl oz/1.89 L) containers, a fact it mentions prominently in its advertising

Not our video, but a nice video about Blue Bell Creamery Tour

Short video of the Tour

The History of Blue Bell

History of Blue Bell


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